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    We believe that all good wine tells a story. Read on below and find the tasting notes for the wines you purchased with us. We trust that you will enjoy your tasting experience, and to this end, we have crafted a few special deals. Read on, drink on, and enjoy!


    Matt Carr


    We believe that all good wines tells a story. Read on below through the tasting to notes to the wines you purchased with us. We hope that you enjoy your tasting experience and to this end we have crafted a few special deals. Read on, drink on, and enjoy.


    Matt Carr


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    Once upon a time there was a need…… a need for a Red Wine for one and ALL!

    Our wine makers set upon a journey to produce a red wine for all climates (including the tropics), all foods (including that spicy dish you love), all occasions (Monday thru to Sunday) and all palates (even yours!).

    Not an easy task…. But they delivered………… the Parliament of Owls!  
    Voted as the most popular wine amongst our customers, the Parliament of Owls is a guilty pleasure you won’t be able to resist! Our Parliament of Owls is a clever blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The grapes for this wine undergoes a prolonged ripening period followed by a slow and cool fermentation which result in a silky, fruit driven wine with smooth tannins.

    Best served with: Crusty Bread and Ratatouille, Rustic dishes, Braised vegetables, Char-Grilled meats or Hard Cheese, Spicy Foods.  
    (Starting Price is for 3 Pack)

    They say all great victories require song, dance, storytelling, art and poetry. Here at The Wine Community, we also believe they should be celebrated with wine! 

    So, maybe you’ve just got that promotion at work….. maybe your favourite team has just won the grand final…….. maybe you’ve just beaten your sister at scrabble…….. maybe you’re country has just achieved independence…… or maybe you’ve just got your toddler to leave the park without a tantrum? 

    Whatever the Victory, small or large, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate then with a glass of this well-crafted Cabernet Sauvignon from S.E. Australia!
    This cabernet sauvignon displays a deep purple colour with cassis, plums and black cherry aromas. The lively palate packs chocolate mint and black fruit flavours, ending with soft lingering fine tannins. Perfect in any setting. 

    Best served with: The Battle of Hastings with a side of Roast Beef, The Siege of Orleans with a side of Le Gigot D’Agneau (Roast Lamb), The Battle of Vienna with a side of Hungarian Goulash or maybe a The Battle of Marathon with a Greek Moussaka
    (Starting Price is for 3 Pack)

    2020 The Muse Series - The Protector, Durif In ancient Greek mythology, the Muses were the inspirational goddesses of literature and the arts, and were considered the source of knowledge embodied in poetry, myths and lyric songs, all topics best enjoyed with wine. The Durif is a wine with its own complicated story. 
    The South Eastern Australia wine region is the engine that drives the Australian wine industry and has inspired our Muse Series. Often called the Petit Syrah, it offers dark fruit flavours, strong earthy tones and bold tannin's backed by black pepper, blueberries and dark chocolate. 

    Best served with: Veal, Quail, Kangaroo Fillet, Beef ,Lamb, Roasted Vegetables ,Laguiole Cheese, Cantal Cheese or Gouda
    (Starting Price is for 3 Pack)

    Have you ever been mistaken for someone else? 

    Depending who it was you were mistaken for might depend how you felt about it right?

    Well consider this……..You are a grape variety that combines intense aromas of raspberries and cherries with ripe red bell pepper and hints of black pepper. You are Carmenere……. But everyone thinks you are Merlot!  
    That’s the story of Chile’s most famous grape variety, Carmenere. For almost 100 years everyone thought it was Merlot, until 1994, when French ampelographer Jean Michel Boursiquot, a speaker at the Sixth Latin American Viticulture and Enological Congress, held in Chile, identified this late-ripening Merlot clone as Carmenere.

    Best Served with: Chilean Empanadas, Churrasco Steak with Chimichurri, Grilled Lamb or Mushroom Pizza.  
    (Starting Price is for 3 Pack)

    Few would argue against the belief that Chile is where the Cabernet Sauvignon performs truly at its best, and if further proof was required then we are pleased to welcome this fantastic addition to our Echeverria selection. This complex, yet stunning, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva is made from 100% hand-picked grapes which are carefully selected before processing and then aged in French oak barrels. The result is a round and vibrant full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, with plum and strawberry flavours combining with red pepper and spices. 
    On the palate, you discover a smooth and balanced wine with a burst of red fruit flavours. 

    Best Served with: Chilean Empanadas, Churrasco Steak with Chimichurri, Grilled Lamb or Mushroom Pizza.
    (Starting Price is for 3 Pack)

    “Experience is the comb that the universe gives to us when we are already bald” ~ Unknown

    They say that you can’t substitute anything for experience, and when it comes to wine making experience, this wine is tough to beat!  
    With records dating back to 1675, the Pieroth Family have been producing wine for well over 300 years! One wine in particular stands above all others…….. The Burg Layer Schlosskapelle Pradikatswein Kabinett Muller Thurgau………. or as we all call it…….. The Pieroth Blue!

    Naturally occurring Cobalt in the local sands of the Nahe Valley turn the glass in the bottles brilliant blue, but incased within the striking blue bottle is where the magic really begins! This Beautiful Kabinett style wine is soft and elegant. Light bodied and well balanced, with lively fresh acidity makes this the ultimate white wine for all occasions. 

    Best Served with: Pork and White Meats, Japanese Cuisine and Spicy Asian Food, Fresh Seafood and Shellfish, Cheese and Fruit.  
    (Starting Price is for 3 Pack)

    Do you remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when Australia was always a few years behind the Northern Hemisphere when it came to new trends, pop culture, TV shows and Movies?

    Think 1970’s in the UK - The outstanding Mullet’s on David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Keith Richards…… Fast forward to the 1980’s and they’re everywhere in Australia! Or watching the ‘New Season’ of Law and Order from the US, only to find out that they were 3 seasons ahead of us!

    Well it’s kind of like that still today when it comes to wines from Chile. Chilean wines are world renowned, but this notoriety has yet to make its way to the Australian Market. In sharp contrast to most bottle shops worldwide, those in Australia carry very few wines from Chile  
    So when the opportunity arose 15 years ago for The Wine Community to partner up with one of the finest Estates in all of Chile, Echeverria, we decided we would be the trendsetters when it comes to Chilean wines…. And our customers have been thanking us ever since! Produces Sustainably, like all wines from this 100 year old estate, you can delight in aromas of grapefruit, pineapple and fresh cut grass while your palate revels in lush melon, lime and passionfruit

    Best Served with: Fresh Oysters, Sashimi, Grilled Salmon, Warm Chicken Salad, Sunshine and a Good Book.  
    (Starting Price is for 3 Pack)

    Just as the nine Muses inspired, so do great wines. Aoede, child of the gods, is the muse of voice and song. She entertains and heralds in joy and sadness equally and she inspires us to think and give song to great things. 

    So, to ensure you get the best out of this amazing chardonnay, break out the record player, dust off the b-sides of your favorite 7”, get a HB pencil and manually rewind your old mix tape cassette that you made for your high school crush….. and let the soothing sounds wash over you as you sip on this little beauty!  
    The palate is medium bodied exhibiting white peach and nectarine. The bright acidity and fresh fruit flavours create a well structural palate, complemented by French oak and a crisp finish. But we think it’s worthy of an Aria Award!

    Best Served with: Mango Trees (Angus & Julia Stone), Oysters (Tori Amos), Peaches (Presidents of the United States), Fresh Strawberries (Franz Ferdinand), Friday Fish Fry (Kelis) and Vegetables (Beach Boys).  
    This week only!

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